Club Serene Resort

Treat yourself to a relaxing hideaway nestled along the hilly Cabrera road of Taytay Rizal. Just 2 hours East of Manila.

Cabrera Road, Barangay Dolores, Taytay Rizal

(02) 7032627, (02) 7032776

(02) 2133780

(0921) 6379843

Club Serene Resort offers the comforts of modern facilities amidst the unspoiled beauty of nature. You have a choice of de luxe, suite, or mountain view rooms that’s perfect for a family or groups. Each room is equipped with air-conditioning unit, toilets and baths, hot and cold showers and colored television. Mountain view rooms have verandas to give you a panoramic view of the countryside meeting the concrete jungle of Metro Manila.

For daytrippers and those on a budget, Club Serene Resort offers the Casitas with its own lounge area, sink, griller and own toilet, while picnic huts have tables and benches, sink and griller good for a group of 10.